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Gravity Falls Conspiracy Twin Fun

So I’ve been saying for a while that Grunkle Stan has a twin.  (Stanford and Stanley)

I know that most of tumblr agrees and there are plenty of wonderful, better research sites that will pinpoint all the evidence towards this.

Mild Spoilers ahead and pic heavy….

Click the image to view some detailed evidence

Fun Fact: I originally thought this was an older Dipper when I saw this scene.


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I Can Have Reasons to Be Judgey

I Can Have Reasons to Be Judgey

By the way, I’ve looked at the word judge so much now, it looks like it’s spelled wrong.

I have been accused numerous times of being too critical of certain media. Sometimes this lends me well, as a beta reader for various scripts and novels for instance. Other times it seems to alienate me from conversations with others when they ask my opinion and my answer isn’t glib. Conversely, if I say “I…

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Modcloth, Vickie’s or Where Do You shop for swimsuits?

Modcloth, Vickie’s or Where Do You shop for swimsuits?

My very first experience shopping with Modcloth.

This is a store where I have looked at, signed up and then because I live on a budget, I never bought a thing. But it was my favorite place to window shop, browse, create wishlists and get inspiration.

How seriously cute are these?!

After an entire summer involving driving up and down the coast line, involving creeks, beaches, bays, fishing,…

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Boys Over Flowers is my CrackFic

Boys Over Flowers is my CrackFic

One anime, one K-drama, one fanfiction

So I was recently re-watching Ouran High School Host Club. It kept coming up as a recommendation on my Netflix account.  I kept avoiding it because it was so pink!  It looked like a romance story with flowers everywhere, also, high school was right in the name which wasn’t a big selling point, but it wouldn’t go away.  I noticed it on a couple lists of…

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Living in the Bible Belt

Living in the Bible Belt


Okay, I know a while ago I posted about moving to the south. … it’s been an *ahem* adjustment. 

The strangest thing is finally understanding this debate against evolutionists and creationists.  We on the site have had numerous conversations about this and I think it’s an example of the worst being the loudest.  … except they may be growing.

Let me explain.  

In one way or another, we have…

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DIY Might Kill Me

DIY Might Kill Me

So maybe like other kids who grew up on video games, books and science experiments, I may have some fairly bad allergies.  It’s enough to impede me from say, running outdoors above 60 degree weather as my sinus passages swell shut and I transform into a mouth breather.  And because I’m breathing through my mouth, my chest starts to hurt, which slows me down.  I used to be an avid runner, but…

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just need a record

    so I just need a record of what’s been going on.         Starting with Valentine’s Day, I wanted to get into the spirit of the day by wearing red.  

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